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The Mecosta County Road Commission may require that you install a culvert when you apply for a driveway permit.

The Road Commission does not provide or sell culverts for new driveway installations and it is the property owner's responsibility to maintain their culvert.

The Road Commission only provides replacement culverts if major road construction or ditching operations are happening that affects your driveway.


The Mecosta County Road Commission requires you to apply for a driveway permit for any driveway entering onto County maintained ROW. For the specifications and regulations for driveways, road approaches, banners and parades on highways, please download our Driveway Policy


The Mecosta County Road Commission will provide a replacement mailbox and replacement post if mailbox was struck by a Mecosta County Road Commission vehicle. We do require that you bring in your damaged property and we will write down the property address for our records.

We WILL NOT replace your mailbox with an identical one.

You will be given a standard U.S. Postmaster approved metal mailbox and/or a 4x4 wood post with a plate on top to mount your new box.

Roadside Weed Control

It is the policy of the Board of County Road Commissioners to mow the grass, weeds and brush from all intersections on the local road system as time and resources permit.

The Board of Road Commissioners and the Road Commission Administrative Staff will review any area that falls outside the limits of this policy.

All property owners will be encouraged to assist in this effort by maintaining the right of way within their property limits.

Brush Spraying

The Mecosta County Road Commission Brush Spraying Program will involve the application of herbicides to specific types of roadside vegetation, including weeds, brush, and low hanging tree limbs. The program will be implemented for safety and economic reasons. For more information:Brush Spraying Policy or No Spray Application

Dust Control

The Mecosta County Road Commission does provide dust control throughout the summer months.

We have three units that provide this service and we do monitor and record when and where they have brined, but we cannot tell you when they will brine your area again.

The district foremen sets up the brine routes and will not change them unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Winter Maintenance


1. Reduce driving hazards caused by snow and ice covered roads.

2. Assist emergency services personnel in the performance of their duties.

3. Reduce the shut down of schools and industry by eliminating hazardous road conditions in a timely manner.

4. Maintain safe routes for the normal movement of agricultural products.


1. District Foremen are authorized to work part to all crews during daylight hours to make a single opening in County Primary and Local Roads as well as subdivisions.

2. All employees as much as possible shall conserve winter maintenance material.

3. Unrelated Winter maintenance activities, such as tree cutting, delineator post replacement and servicing equipment, will be accomplished as weather conditions permit.

4. Blade truck operators will not plow less than one inch (1") of snow.

5. The Maintenance Foreman and mechanics will be responsible for maintaining equipment to allow for maximum usage during Winter weather conditions.

Click to download the Winter Maintenance Policy

Seasonal Road


On February 12, 2002 the Board of County Road Commissioners established a seasonal county road system pursuant to Section 5a of Act No. 51 of the Public Acts of 1951 (MCL 247.655a) as amended by Act 184 of 1981. Seasonal roads are under the Road Commission's jurisdiction and are not open to public travel during the months of November through April and will not be maintained. When placing a road on the seasonal system, the Board will give consideration for the months of November to April to the volume of motor vehicle traffic that uses the road, buildings along the road used as a principal residences, grade variations, concealed obstructions, road alignment or other topographical features that would effect snow removal equipment that is normally used by the Road Commission for winter maintenance.


At such time that a property owner and/or any other agency or organization request to have winter maintenance on a county seasonal road, the Road Commission staff shall review the location and advise the requesting party and the Board the extent of improvements that are required to provide winter maintenance. The Board will review each road's unique features, physical constraints and the Board's current operating budgets to determine if it is reasonable to expand winter service by taking any seasonal road off the seasonal road system. Adequate width for two-way traffic, sight distances at hills and curves and an adequate turn-around area for snow removal equipment operation, along with other recommended guidelines and criteria will be used by the Board to determine the removal of a Road from the seasonal road system.


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