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Election Signs in Road Right of Way

During this election year, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) would like to remind all candidates that campaign signs can interfere with motorist and pedestrian vision along streets and highways. In previous years, most political candidates cooperated willingly with respect to the proper posting of signs.

We are asking for your help in advising candidates of our sign placement criteria for the upcoming elections, which is as follows:

Signs must be more than 30 feet from the edge of the roadway (white line) for highways that do not have barrier-type curbs. For highways with barrier curbs, signs must be more than three feet from the back of the curb.

Signs may not be placed within clear vision areas at intersections or commercial driveways, so they will not interfere with the sight distance of a driver,

Signs should not be placed within freeway right-of-way, or along any other limited access highway.

 It is the candidate's responsibility to obtain any necessary approval from the adjacent property owner prior to posting signs. All signs are to be removed within 10 days after the election.  Political campaign signs that do not meet these criteria will be removed in the interest of safety. They will be kept for seven days at a local MDOT facility, after which they will be discarded. A contact list of appropriate MDOT Transportation Service Centers (TSC) is enclosed.There are additional limitations on signs that apply to everyone. For example, the Highway Advertising Act applies to signs placed adjacent to the right-of-way and specific laws restrict the placement of banners over highways.

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